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Maui Events

Maui Island Events

Exciting Events on the Island of Maui

Maui events give you a glimpse inside the Hawaiian Culture. During each event, Maui comes to life. You eat Hawaiian food, participate in island sports, support the local community, and dance with travelers from all over the world. Every Maui event provides an exceptional experience.  

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When vacationing on Maui, finding every exciting event isn’t easy. You’re only visiting for a short time and events take place during certain times of the year. To help you find the best Maui Events, we’ve created this ongoing list of fun recurring events on Maui. 

Maui Friday Town Parties

Every Friday, one of Maui’s historic towns turns into a street fair. Maui Friday Town Parties are free, family-friendly, and full of vibrancy. Each town has its own distinct culture and Friday Town Parties allow you to see the vibrant side of Maui. People come out to support local artisans and businesses. And the night is capped off with live entertainment. Friday Town Parties are a great way to experience Maui.

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Maui County Fair 

The Historic Maui County Fair takes place every year on the first weekend of October. Setup in Wailuku, Maui, for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Maui County Fair is both fun and affordable. It has taken place for over 90 years and rides run until midnight. The fair is full of carnival food and island specialties. Maui locals sell souvenirs and there’s plenty of Hawaiian entertainment. There’s a Student Art and Livestock Exhibit.  If you’re visiting during October, you won’t want to miss the Maui County Fair.

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Maui Chef’s Table

Maui Chef’s table is a specialty event that’s perfect for foodies. Guests enjoy 7 courses of locally grown food in an open-air kitchen. Available for up to 6 guests, Maui’s Chef’s Table is an extraordinary Maui dining experience at the famous Mill House, located within a Tropical Plantation. This event has limited space so be sure to sign up in advance. 

Discover Maui Chef’s Table 

Lahaina Arts Society Fine Art Fair - Banyan Tree Park

Get a glimpse into Maui’s vibrant art scene. From July to October, Lahaina Arts Society exhibits the work of many of Maui’s best artists. You can view and purchase all kinds of art, from paintings and ceramics, to photography and glass art. This amazing exhibit takes place next to the Old Lahaina Courthouse under the Banyan Tree. 

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