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Maui Surf Report

Maui Surf Report

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Hawaii is famous for surfing, and Maui has many of Hawaii’s the best surf breaks. Jaws, Hookipa Beach, and Honolua Bay are just some of the many world-class surf spots on Maui. Maui’s distinct shape allows it to catch swell from all angles. Seasonal Trade Winds can blow off-shore in places, but it’s best to surf Maui in the morning before the winds pick up.

You don’t have to be a pro to surf on Maui. Maui also has great surf towns, like Paia, on the north shore, where you can take surf lessons or take in the surf scene. Maui has surfing options for all abilities.

Maui has proud surf culture. Yes, there’s localism. If you’re going to surf in Maui, be sure to show respect to the locals. In Hawaii, respect goes a long way.

Maui Surf Report

Maui Surf Report & Surf Breaks

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is considered one of the top 5 waves in the world. Located on the Northwest corner of Maui, The Bay works best on NNE, N, NNW and W swells. On most NW swells, it’s blocked by Molokai, so be sure to check the swell angel before driving out there. Surfing Honolua Bay with a good swell, is every surfer’s dream.

When The Bay is working, it serves up long perfect barrels. Coconuts, the first section, is the largest section. But as it wraps into Outside, the next section, it gets hollow and turns into a barrel through the Cave. If you catch one wave at Honolua Bay, you’ll soon make plans to move to Maui. 

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Paia is Maui’s classic Northshore surf town. You can surf Paia beach right in town, and Maui’s entire Northshore is at your fingertips. Paia has many great surf shops, bars, and seafood restaurants. Paia is a great place to visit for the day and get a taste for the Northshore.


Hookipa is an expansive area of reefs on the Northshore of Maui. This is one of Maui’s most consistent surf spots. Also popular with wind and kite surfers, it’s best to surf Hookipa in the morning before the trade winds pick up.

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Jaws – Peahi

Jaws is Maui’s world famous big wave surf spot. First surfed by wind surfers, and then with tow-in jet skis, Jaws is now surfed every year by the best big wave surfers in the world. If you’re on Maui during the winter be sure to check out Jaws. You could witness the world’s best big wave in action.

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Makena Beach

Makena is a beach on the southwest coast of Maui. The water is very clear in this area and there are many national parks. This beach break is best in the summer when the south swells come. Even when the waves aren’t great, Makena is a beautiful beach to visit. When the south swell is on, there are many reef breaks to the south and there are lots of sea turtles in the area.

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Hana is a small farm town located on the far east side of Maui. To get to Hana, you must drive the scenic Hana Highway. Surfing near Hana is for more adventurous travelers who want to get away from the crowds and hunt for waves. Hana surf can be unpredictable because it can be exposed to strong trade winds.

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Maui Surf Seasons

Surfing on Maui is dependent on seasons and weather. When planning a surf vacation to Maui, be sure to check out when the waves are best for each area.

Winter Surf on Maui

In the winter, the north shore of Maui pumps with juicy swell. Winter is when Jaws, Honolua Bay, and Hookipa Beach come to life. This is the time for experienced surfs to prove themselves on the some of the heaviest waves in the world.

Spring Surf on Maui

Spring is a beautiful season on Maui, but it’s not the best time for surf. The swell is less consistent and trade winds can mess with the surf.

Summer Surf on Maui

Summer is the time to head south. Even when the north shore is totally flat, you can score some perfect waves on Maui’s south shores.

Fall Surf on Maui

The Fall usually brings the first big north swell of the season. This is great time to score some of Maui’s reefs before it gets too big. Fall surf on Maui can be spectacular as swells can come from both the north and the south. 

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